The Power & Logic Behind COFFEE NEWS®

The Power & Logic Behind COFFEE NEWS®…

paprphoneCOFFEE NEWS® was six months in research before being introduced by concept designer, Jean Daum. Since her background included not only advertising but the design and use of subliminal and super-learning techniques in advertising, COFFEE NEWS® is jam-packed with ad-response enhancers. For readers, it’s just a fun restaurant publication but the advertisers are the real winners with 17 different subliminal and psychological aids built right into their ads to ensure results.

  • Power Fact #1. If it takes an average reader 8-10 minutes to read COFFEE NEWS® and 15 minutes to read a daily, 48-page newspaper, the reader has already given COFFEE NEWS® and its ads 6 to 12 times the scrutiny given to the newspaper’s contents. Reader for reader, advertisers would need an advertisement 21 times the size of a COFFEE NEWS® ad in a daily newspaper to get the SAME visibility—(1 ad unit in 32 as opposed to 1 in 604).

  • Power Fact #2. Whether or not readers are actually looking at the ads while reading the lines of content in the middle, it’s impossible for their sub-conscious not to get roughly 12 repeat shots of the ads on both sides which goes straight into the subconscious since their conscious is absorbed in the content in the middle. In fact, these subliminal shots are more responsible for ad response than the actual reading of an ad. Since the content itself can be read in two to three minutes, the rest of the time—7 to 8 minutes—is spent on a mental feast of the ads themselves (due to
    their visually stimulating nature).

  • Power Fact #3. The ads themselves are designed to “pop” in the subconscious through the use of “larger than Life” illustrations which usually burst through the confines of the borders which again tricks the subconscious into allotting more space in the “memory path” to accommodate the explosive space-nature of the ad. The development of COFFEE NEWS®’ advertisements has produced totally new, unique and effective ads designed specifically for residue enhancement.

  • Power Fact #4. If you exercise 10 minutes a day for 90 days, which will give you approximately 30 seconds of fitness residue carrying over to the next session, on the 90th day of exercise, your ten minutes plus Residue will give the equivalent fitness value of a 55 minute workout—more than five times what you started with! Advertising residue builds up in the same manner and, like exercise, if stopped suddenly, the residue will remain working until all it’s effects have faded. Thus, an advertiser who spends money solely on big seasonal sale ads every three months has no residue at all working to boost his results (which is why he and most small retailers think advertising just doesn’t pay). The real secret to getting results is building that residue and COFFEE NEWS® is designed specifically to accomplish this both effectively and inexpensively. In fact, most businesses that use COFFEE NEWS® can cut their ad budget by a third and still get the same or better results.

  • Power Fact #5. If a customer is for some reason not ready to buy or not sold on buying from a particular store, all any ad can do is bring that person a little closer to being ready to buy. COFFEE NEWS® ads are intended to cultivate the vast majority who are not ready and bring them closer and closer to the point of buying. The residue from a large newspaper ad is no more than that provided by COFFEE NEWS® ads—at considerably less cost. Thus advertisers can use COFFEE NEWS® inexpensively to bring people closer to buying and reap immediate sales from their newspaper ads which, over-all, can save an advertiser up to a third of his advertising budget while developing long-term growth of his business.